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Basic Proposal Outline


I. Defining the problem

A. Background description of problem

What is the issue of concern?

What is the target population/community of women?

What are the needs of the women who will be the beneficiaries/recipients?

How has this need been determined?

B. Has this issue been helped or addressed previously?

Why or why not?
By whom?


II. Defining the project

A. What is the scope of your project? What is the purpose of the project?

B. What are the goals and objectives of the project?

C. How will you measure project objectives?

 III. Defining evaluative measures & lessons learned from the project

A. What indicators will be used to measure the success of the project?

B. What criteria will be used to evaluate the project?

C. What are the deliverables in which this data will be presented?


IV. Defining the estimated timeframe for the project

A. Can this project be deemed sustainable?

B. Can there be long-term plans for this project?

C. What are the long-term plans?


V. Defining your budget

A. What are the anticipated project costs?

B. Are there resources in the local community that can be used to help the project?



Proposal & Document Checklist


__Project Background

__Project Sponsoring Agency (NGO/Nonprofit)

__FCRA Registration

__NGO or 501c3 Certificate

__Current Activities (if applicable)

__Banking Information

__Background of the project

__Objectives & activities of project

__Plan for monitoring & evaluation of project


__Indicators of success

__Timeline of project

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