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Background Information

Contact Information

  1. How did you learn of the Ama Chhorri Foundation of Hope?

  2. What is your preferred method of communication with us? (Post, FAX, Text or E-mail)



  1. When was your organization formed, and who started it?

  2. What are the main goals of your organization?

  3. In which of Ama Chhori’s communities does your organization work?

  4. What are the main issues and challenges in these communities? How does your group address these issues and/or needs?



1. What is the structure of your organization? Please describe your staff, board, advisors, volunteers, and members, including their roles and the gender breakdown.

Activities / Programs

  1. Describe your organization's past activities and/or programs.

  2. Describe your organization's present activities and/or programs.

  3. Describe your organization's plans for the next one to three years.


Financial Information

  1. What was your organization's total annual budget in the past calendar or fiscal year? Please list the main categories of expenditures, give an amount for each, and indicate the currency.

  2. If you have received funding before from any international donors, please provide us with contact information for at least one sponsor who can serve as a reference for your organization.


Our Philosophy

Ama Chhori is committed to long-term sustainability and improving the lives of women and girls with compassion and service. We support small projects that work to empower women and girls at the community level. Therefore, once a grant is awarded to a project, it is our hope to facilitate the sustainability of the project long after the grant period expires.

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