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Organizations We Have Worked With and/or Have Supported

Mahila Shakti Bikash Kendra Nepal (MSBKN) was established as a non-profit organization in 2008 to promote women’s leadership and representation in public institutions in rural Nepal. It does so through capacity building as well as lobbying and advocacy for equal representations of women in decision-making positions in government and non-government sectors.  The organization is dedicated to increasing spirits of rural women to assert their socio-political rights.  The organization is registered with the District Administration Office, Kathmandu and is also affiliated with the Social Welfare Council of Nepal.

The Village of Bandipur through the assistance of Chij Shrestha, Bandipur. Nepal was so devastated by the earthquake of April 25, 2015 that all homes in the Village were destroyed and the Community Center was used as a community kitchen for months.

The Village of Lele, Lalitipur

Health Clinic in 2019 for 99 women. Seven were found to have terminal medical conditions.

The Depche Community Learning Center, Bandipur, Nepal

Distributed 110 straw water filters.


School District of Bidyalaya near Sindhupalchok, Nepal

Chhetrapaleshwori Uchcha Madhyamik, Bidyalaya

Ganesh Aadharbhort, Bidyalaya

Bhotenamlang Madlhyamik, Bidyalaya

Delivered school supplies for 90 students.

The Happy Kids Center, Bhaktapur, Nepal

The Happy Kids Center is a solar powered, weatherproof structure that is covered floor to ceiling in murals painted by traveling artists.  The Happy Kids Center is a registered Nepali NGO, and works with 80 children who range in age from 3 to 16 years old. About half of the children are currently in school while the other half work in the streets, begging or collecting recyclables to sell to the government. The Happy Kids Center is working toward changing that! Through their new programs they empower "breaking the cycle of poverty" that the children were raised within.

Peace Corps Partnership Programs, Washington, DC

Peace Corps Partnership Programs fund community led projects around the World.

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