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 Projects 2020

Ama Chhori Foundation of Hope is pleased to announce we have funded two Peace Corps Partnership Programs for the calendar year 2020.

The Dominican Republic

Supporting Women in the Community will be a two day conference in two different communities within the Dominican Republic to prepare community leaders, parent leaders and students to create a safe, supportive environment for women of the community. Overarching themes include; prevention of intra-family violence, reproductive health promotion, and the destruction of harmful gender roles. Partnering with the community and Peace Corps Volunteers will be representatives from the Ministry of women.



While secondary school female students spend hours each day collecting water from far away wells, their male counterparts spend time studying. We are supporting the construction of two wells and the installation of two 5,000 liter water catchment tanks which will provide sufficient water during the rainy season and for one month after the rain ends. During the remaining months of the school year, the newly constructed wells on the school grounds will provide sufficient water. Approximately 250 female students are direct beneficiaries and will no longer spend time outside the classroom. The project will begin in January, 2020 and be completed by April, 2020.

January 25, 2020: 

Mahila Shakti Bikash Kendra Nepal (MSBKN) 

Financially support a Women’s Health Clinic

  • Provide general health screenings

  • Urine screenings

  • Breast exams

  • Gynecological exams

  • Medical distributions

  • Blood pressure screenings 

Winter of 2020:

Mahila Shakti Bikash Kendra Nepal

Complete third Women’s Center

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